Monkeys Seek Refreshment Outside of Batu Caves

I decided to construct a longer layover on my way from Bali to Vietnam in December. It turns out that there were no direct flights to Ho Chi Minh City, and most flights in fact led me on layovers through Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, that ranged from 3-5+ hours. Since this was not a great layover sweet spot – too short to leave the airport and explore the city, but also too long to hang in a decent airport lounge, I decided to purposefully craft a longer (but still brief) stay in Kuala Lumpur. This gave me a chance to see a new country and city, and explore a place that my sister used to live! And it had an added bonus – it turned out my flight was cheaper too.

So I basically had a full day and one night of fun to plan. For my night, of course, I booked a Malaysian food tour, which was roving. I had a blast on the tour, and will share more details and photos with all the great food and spots we hit on a new post soon.

During the day, I decided to hit one of the most popular out of town activities, and toured the famous, spiritual Batu Caves. I’ll go into more detail on the caves and the many dozens of steps that led up to them on a new post soon.

For now, and because I love monkeys so much (even the mean ones), I just want to share some silly videos of monkeys drinking orange soda out of a bottle it looks like they found on the ground. I believe in the first short clip, after pushing the bottle around a bit, one monkey just goes ahead and unscrews it. In the last one, a smaller but slightly vicious monkey decides to steal the bottle from two that are busy sucking the soda off the ground.

I will compile the four clips into one video soon. For now, if you click on the video at the top, it will play one on YouTube and leads to the other four. They are all very short, ranging from 12 seconds to a bit more than a minute. Enjoy the silliness!


Written by Suzi Albrecht
Digital Project Manager and Traveler