Suzi Albrecht's Shrimp Ceviche Recipe


Like most people, I love food! I like to try as many different foods as I can, and then try my best to copy-cat the recipes.

I started cooking when I was in third grade, with a set of doll dishes and a tiny pan that held about a cup of popped popcorn. The pan was so small it was on the verge of falling through the gas burner. But I lived in Italy, where like cars, some gas burners are tiny, so it all worked out OK.

Popcorn was just the start. In Virginia, I made apple crumble, using red apples from the back yard, then nailing down a good crumbly streusel with butter, cinnamon, oats and brown sugar. Back then, I had no car, or even a driver’s license for that matter, and just worked with what ingredients I had on hand. These days, I’m old enough to drive, so I can go to the store to get whatever ingredients I need for my next dish.

Here’s a few recipes to share. They are in no particular order, and some are there because there’s a story behind them. I intend to add more to share what I’ve tasted in my travels. I try to avoid gluten, so you’ll find a bunch of gluten free snacks or dishes. And I tend to favor healthy foods these days, because I’ve found that I can often directly correlate how good I feel with what I recently ate. But don’t despair, I totally like unhealthy, fattening food too, so I’ll plan to add some of that as well, when the spirit moves me.

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