Helpful Travel Tips for Travel Lovers

I’m a minimalist, which means that I pack light and travel light. I do my international travel with carry-on luggage only. This keeps me light and nimble, and helps me avoid fees and the risk of luggage loss when I’m switching planes in a hurry. If I don’t have enough appropriate clothes, I go shopping in thrift stores or local markets and leave some things behind when I depart.

Tips for Smart Travel

Thanks to bargain airlines and spontaneous road trips, I was zipping around on weekends before I even started my year of round-the-world travel. I thought I was a smart traveler back then, and I was. But I’ve learned so much more. Here are some travel tips that might help you make your own trip a little simpler. Click on the bold areas below to find detailed travel tips!

Travel Tips for Packing

Find some basic travel tips which include details on the kinds of bags I use and what’s inside them.

  • Travel Backpacks: Daypack and Overnight Combo
  • Packing Cubes
  • Travel Digital Luggage Scale
  • Travel Tubes for Liquids
  • Shoes I Travel With

Safety Tips for Travel

Find some basic travel safety tips that can help you protect both yourself and your luggage and belongings while you’re traveling on the road. These are tips to help with your general safety and peace of mind.

  • Travel Locks
  • Travel Door Stop
  • Safety Whistle for Travel

Travel Tips for Female Travelers

I’m a solo female traveler and I’ve learned so many tips from my carry-on travel around the world. Find details on how I pack, what I wear, what basic products I use, and suggested tips for making travel easier if you’re a female traveler.

  • What’s in My Travel Toiletry Bag
  • My Travel Bags
  • Travel Outfit for Flights
  • Basic Clothing I Travel With
  • Shoes I Travel With
  • Travel Underthings & Workout Clothes
  • Travel Scarf
  • Travel Tubes for Liquids
  • Travel Spray Bottle for Body Oil
  • Travel Make-up
  • Travel Hair Dryer
  • Getting Pedicures While Traveling
  • Getting Manicures While Traveling
  • Jewelry